10 Celebrities Who Married Their Fans

Celebrities additionally accept and believe the love at first sight that regardless of how well known they get, despite everything they have a heart fit for giving and getting love. It isn’t an extraordinary practice that celebrities marry their fans in spite of the fact that it sounds strange. Fans are not generally creepy and clingy like those appeared in the movies. Most celebrities stay away from immediate or direct contact with their fans and wedding them doesn’t lay on common ears very easily. Nonetheless, there are some celebs who really married their hardcore fans and have lived joyfully with them from that point onward! Observe top 10 superstars who wedded their fans.

#10-Kelsey Grammer

Kayte Walsh was a flight attendant and a fan young lady when she stole the actor Kelsey Grammer’s heart. What’s more, by stole, it actually implies taking! Kelsey was as yet married to Camille Donatacci, with whom he additionally had two little girls when he began a relationship with Kayte. When he divorced Kayte, the two rushed to take each other as a couple, just two weeks following it. They have been together ever since then.

#9-Patrick Dempsey

Would you be able to envision finding your future mate in a hair salon since Patrick Dempsey did! Jillian Fink was a stylist and thought somebody was tricking her when she saw Dempsey’s name on the list for an appointment. However, there he was. He strolled directly into her salon expecting a hairstyle. What he got was a wife. They got married that year which was 1999 and have been as one from that point forward. Regardless he relies upon his wife other to trim his hair and have three kids together till now.

#8-Kim Kardashian

Before Kanye West and Kim Kardashian were as one, Kanye was at that point head over heels in love with her. It’s difficult to trust that he could fall to anybody other than himself however it happened. Like any devoted fan would do, he sought after her and wedged his way in. After divorcing her second husband, Kris Humphries, she wedded Kanye in 2014. Their story was more similar to an actor fan wedding another actor. They need to kids relevantly named as North and Saint. The couple is hugely disliked by various people however who cares since they are together ever after.

#7-Conan O’Brien

Imagine yourself sitting in the crowd of a talk show where the host falls under your amazing magic. Difficult? It might seem like a tale however it really happened to Lisa Powell when she was quite recently sitting in the gathering of people, tending to her very own concerns as a dependable fan when the host of the show, Conan O’Brien succumbed to her. He has conceded a few times that it was the love at first sight and the two married in 2002.

#6-Jessica Alba

In 2004, while recording for Fantastic Four, Jessica Alba found the incredible husband who was working in as a production collaborator for the movie. Warren without a doubt worshiped Jessica and her work before their eye to eye experience and had dependably been a major fan of her. Both of them simply hit it off there and after that. They admit that they had an instant science on set which has come about into a seven-year-old marriage till now. The additionally have two children together.

#5-Anne Hathaway

After she got captured for illegal tax avoidance in 2008 alongside her boyfriend, Raffaello Follieri, she swore off men and it was hard for individuals to envision her in another relationship yet the cupid had some different plans for the princess! She met her future husband, Adam Shulman the extremely same yet appalling year for her. He was a long-lasting fan of Hathaway and met her through common companions. They built up a quick relationship in a less time and the two got married in 2012.

#4-Adam Sandler

Jackie Titone is a position of low profile actress yet this never prevented her from wedding the superstar of that period and her crush, Adam Sandler. She met him through some mutual friends and he offered her a role in his film Big Daddy. Aside from that, she has additionally shown up in a few of his different movies like Little Nicky, Grown ups, and Blended. Much the same as a Fidel admirer and a devoted fan would do, she changed over to Judaism for Sandler and they later wedded in 2000. They have two wonderful little girls at the present.

#3-Matt Damon

While taping his film “Stuck on You”, Matt Damon met the love of his life and his future wife, how very persuading that is! They say you discover love when you are not searching for it; Luciana Barroso was a Miami barkeep and helped poor Damon get away from a hyper gathering of autograph chasers. She was a fan herself yet was a different one, as said prior, all fans are not clingy! The two clicked immediately and got married in 2005. Both of them have four youngsters now and one of them is Barroso’s little girl from her past marriage. What an upbeat turn out for the mother and the girl!

#2-John Travolta

Kelly Preston vowing to marry the John Travolta is one of the gigantic ultimate stories which went around about as a fan wedding her celebrity crush! She saw the hunk on a publication of his movie Grease and around then she was only sixteen years of age. After thirteen years, she did what she thought. Being a model and an actor herself, she sought after him and the two met while recording a movie and in the end wedded in 1991. They have been as one from that point forward and have three kids together. As of now, Travolta is 63 and Preston is 54 years of age.

#1-Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage found the right lady yet after two fizzled marriages. He met Alice Kim who served him at a LA restaurant Kabuki. She requested an autograph and he slipped her his number as well! Their romantic tale started and they got married at a private farm in North California in 2004. They had a child the next year. Fortunately for Cage, Alice Kim went to his life to remain! At the present, she is 33 and Cage is 53 years of age.

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